Record-Keeping Operations System

Arkivy at a Glance.

Arkivy is a cloud archiving solution with a special focus on financial regulatory record-keeping. As a centralized compliance archive, Arkivy provides your organization compliant storage with advanced monitoring, oversight and data governance tools that will help ensure your record-keeping compliance with MIFID2, GDPR and other regulatory regimes. Based in Amazon’s AWS cloud, Arkivy lowers the entry barrier for financial intermediaries that need to implement a strategic record-keeping programme and platform that provide unified compliance content management and services. With Arkivy cloud, you get an advanced, next generation solution that is reliable, scalable and cost-effective.



  • Per seat pricing
  • No capital expenses
  • No software maintenance
  • Fast on-boarding
  • Reliability, security and scalability of AWS
  • Designed for 99.999999999% data durability p.a.



  • Foundation for a strategic record-keeping programme
  • Supports any data type
  • Vendor neutral, takes data from any 3rd party vendor system
  • WORM storage is double encrypted
  • Search and surveillance tools
  • MIFID2 & GDPR specific reports
  • Anti -”content blackout” monitoring
  • Data enrichment & curation
  • Data governance tools
  • Data distribution and transformation services



With Arkivy, you can confidently manage both your MIFID2 and GDPR regulatory obligations. You will have the ability to manage retention policies for both regulations and generate reports that detail which content in your archive is stored under which regulation. Arkivy can detect regulatory content that has Personal Data while archiving it. With Personal Data tracked, you have the ability to search for content that has Personal Data and run GDPR Right of Access Summary Reports and GDPR Data Exports.

  • The Summary Reports provide a high level summary of content type and quantities with details on the lawful basis for processing.
  • The Data Exports provide the Summary Report along with a copy of the content and a manifest for export.



  • PwC Consultation paper recommending ARKIVY for regulatory record keeping.
    Intended Audience: Compliance, Legal, IT decision takers.

  • Customer Case Study 1:
    MIFID2 Financial Record Keeping
    – The Challenge
    – The Solution
    – The Benefits
  • Customer Case Study 2:
    MIFID2 Financial Record Keeping
    – The Challenge
    – The Solution
    – The Benefits
  • MIFID2 SaaS Archiving Solution
    For Colt Prizmnet customers
    Fast onboarding
    Reliable, secure, scalable
    Running from EU data centers
  • KSF & PwC co-authored consultation paper
    Intended Audience:
    Compliance, Legal and IT
    MIFID2 decision makers.
  • MIFID2 Archiving Requirements
    What must be archived?
    Archived from what?
    Archive for how long?
  • MIFID2 SaaS Archiving Solution
    Per seat pricing, pay as you go
    Fast onboarding
    Reliable, secure, scalable
    Running from EU data centers
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