Operations benefits


Centralize Content Management
Keeping data in different storage, search and logistics silos will consume tremendous resources when trying to meet the new alphabet soup of regulatory requirements. Centralizing content will yield significant operational data management and production savings.

Reduce Operational Complexity: By implementing a centralized service point for record-keeping, your organization’s different business areas can offload duplicative tasks and share infrastructure, headcount and software costs. By reducing data islands and silos, you can have more streamlined operations. With the burden of managing the logisitics of storage, retrieval, reporting and presentation lifted, application owners can shift their attention on managing and optimizing their applications and leave the archiving to the enterprise system.

Systemic Institutional Memory of Archiving Operations
A centralized system eliminates the need to implement multiple ad-hoc and utility software instances and then track their data processing with spreadsheets, the method of default by most organizations. Spreadsheets are not built to systematically manage information systems for the long term. Personnel and organizations change. Having a dedicated Information System to manage archiving operations is critical to understanding the historical context of data as it flows from source to archive.

Risk Management: Blackout Monitoring & Alerts
As a centralized service point collecting documents for record-keeping, Arkivy is in the unique position of being able to measure historical volumes and determine if current volumes warrant alert if there is a reduction in expected data. This helps ensure immediate action is taken to prevent archive content blackouts – a significant risk in large, complex environments.

Methodical Content Distribution
Working as a centralized content services system, Arkivy has adavanced data sharing abilities. If data flowing through Arkivy are required for other systems, Arkivy can provide it as-is or reformatted into any format the requesting system may need. Arkivy can do this in near real-time. In the new era of cross platform content sharing, knowing who requested content, how much and what they got are important for governance and data leakage prevention. This will be especially important for private data under the forthcoming GDPR regulation. With Arkivy, you will know all relevant information about the consumption of your archived content by other systems.

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