How it works

As the Repository of Record for All MIFID2 Content

  • Holistic Approach
  • Transparency Into Operations
  • Single Reference Data Source
  • Ties Documents, E-Comms, Voice and Transactions together in a Single Index
  • Actionable Insights from Analytics
  • Foundation for ‘Best of Breed’ Discovery & Surveillance Applications
  • C-Level & Regulatory Assurance

As a Centralized MIFID2 Record Keeping Service

  • Centralize Content Management
  • Reduce Operational Complexity
  • Systemic Institutional Memory of Archiving Operations
  • Collection from Disparate Sources
  • Risk Management: Blackout Monitoring & Alerts
  • Reduce or Eliminate Utilities & Ad-hoc-ware
  • Methodical Content Distribution
  • Enterprise-wide WORM Service
  • Reduction of Archiving Operational Costs

As a Reference Data Set of All MIFID2 Content

  • Complete Data Inventory
  • Connected E-comms, Transaction and Document Index
  • Data Lineage & Stewardship
  • Data Enrichment
  • Centralized Client Data Hub (Data Warehouse)
  • Rich Reporting
  • Audit & Forensics Ready

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